A Disability and Social Security lawyer in Fort Worth TX Can Help Speed Up a Slow-Moving Process

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

One of the largest federal government programs of all is also one of the most popular. Every American who puts in a certain number of hours as a payroll employee over the course of his or her career will qualify, under the Social Security Act, for a stream of payments upon reaching retirement age. Although these benefits will not afford an especially high-living dotage, they can help support those who failed to save enough on their own. Another important responsibility of the federal agency responsible for overseeing that program is the running of a related one that offers support to those of working age who become disabled.


While these programs have much to offer to Americans who qualify for them, actually receiving the benefits that one is due can be challenging. Like many federal programs, those falling under the Social Security Administration are rife with bureaucracy and arcane-seeming rules and procedures. Enough so, in fact, that many locals who have problems qualifying for benefits are probably well-advised to seek out a disability and social security lawyer in Fort Worth TX.

The success rates of those who take on such counsel are invariably far higher than those who try to do without. Spouses, for example, who spent their own lives as homemakers, may have relied on the Social Security benefits of their partners, only to find that the government stopped paying them when that loved one passed away. It might not ever have been intended that people who lacked work credits of their own would fall into such situations, but the slow-moving bulk of the Social Security system can cause oversights to happen.

Fortunately, a disability and social security lawyer in Fort Worth TX can typically sort such matters out fairly quickly. While a layperson in such a situation would likely be faced with trying to work slowly through a difficult and stressful appeals process, those who work closely with the system as part of their daily work normally know ways to accelerate these matters. For that reason, many who run into problems when dealing with the Social Security Administration can easily benefit from taking advantage of such outside help.

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