Different Types of Business Cases End up in Commercial Litigation in New City

by | Jan 23, 2013 | Legal Services

If you are in business you may need the services of an attorney who specializes in commercial litigation in New City. This type of law practice and specialty encompasses many different facets of business and can most frequently deal with matters such as breach of contract; ERISA; Civil Rico; franchise problems; employment issues; shareholder disputes; contract law. With so many types of commercial litigation in New City its not practical to think that any one attorney can handle all of those types of cases by themselves. It is more likely that an attorney who has made a career living at commercial litigation in New City will specialize in only a few of those areas.

Still any business dispute between two companies that goes to trial is considered commercial litigation in New City courts. In most all of these types of commercial litigation cases companies are in dispute over matters of financial, property, contract, or liability issues. As all good attorneys will say, the idea of most attorneys who specialize in commercial litigation in New City is to settle cases before they end up in trial, saving both parties time and money. Still despite the best efforts of both lawyers, avoiding trial isn’t always possible.

When it comes to commercial litigation in New City real estate of one form or another is frequently involved. When one company acquires another or if locations merge, or land acquisitions are just some of those types of cases that involve real property. Sometimes lawyers representing parties in disputes such as these are also referred to as “business lawyers”. Frequently that’s how the separate counsels are referred to when one company is purchasing another, or if two companies are merging together to form one entity. Mergers and acquisitions often entail one company that has lost its financial staying power or biggest business source, and a much larger and more financially stable company that is taking over the smaller. In these types of situations commercial litigation lawyers will review the employees contracts who will be working for the new company and supervise any sales of company stock.

In some of these cases in lieu of going to court commercial litigation in New City can be avoided by forming new business partnerships where they change the ownership rights. This is often done when the larger company is helping the smaller company’s owner to retain some percentage of ownership or part of the company. In such cases a new contract is created to establish guidelines and percentages for the future.


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