Details to Discuss with Medical Malpractice Law Attorneys in Dayton, OH

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Attorney

In Ohio, doctors who don’t provide a high standard of care for their patients often face liabilities. The victims of medical malpractice seek damages through the court. The outcome of their case also determines if the judge believes that the doctor is guilty of malicious intent. Medical malpractice law attorneys in Dayton, OH help patients who were injured by their doctors.

What Did the Doctor Do?

The exact actions of the doctor define their liability in the case. Doctors are required to provide high-quality health care to their patients. Failing to provide adequate health care leads to injuries and severe circumstances. The most common circumstances are surgical injuries, medication mix-ups, and failure to diagnose a condition correctly.

What Evidence Does the Victim Have?

Medical records provide evidence of every step of the patient’s treatment. When reviewed, the records must show what injury occurred as a result of the patient’s care. Any steps to correct the condition are outlined in the medical records, too. The attorney secures a medical witness that understands the findings in the medical records. The witness testifies about what happened and how the doctor is liable for the victim’s injuries.

Are There Employees That Are Witnesses?

All medical staff that was present when the patient was treated are deposed. The attorney determines if the testimony helps the patient’s case and paints an accurate picture of what happened. The information provided by the medical team could determine the course of the lawsuit.

What Damages Are Awarded in the Lawsuits?

The economic damages reflect all the financial losses for the patient. This includes medical bills and lost wages. The doctor could face punitive damages for the victim’s injuries. Punitive damages are used to punish the doctors for their failures. Some doctors lose their license if the injuries are more severe or life-altering.

In Ohio, doctors who are liable for injuries face lawsuits if the patients prove their case. The legal claims are filed to collect compensation for their injuries and expenses. Victims who need assistance with this type of case can contact medical malpractice law attorneys in Dayton, OH and schedule an appointment for further information right now.

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