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An Accident Attorney in Medford MA Represents Clients When Insurers Don’t Believe Claims of Whiplash

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Attorney

Insurance companies have to be on the lookout for fraud when people make accident claims. Property damage is fairly straightforward to evaluate for a monetary value, but not all injuries are easily verified. An Accident Attorney in Medford MA may need to step in when an insurer refuses to pay a claim for an injury like whiplash, which the adjusters may believe is fraudulent.

Difficult to Verify

A fractured bone is easy to identify through an X-ray, but a soft tissue injury like whiplash may not appear on imaging. Even when a medical doctor believes the patient truly is suffering from this painful neck condition, the insurance company may disagree. When there is no objective evidence of whiplash from diagnostic imaging, the insurance company may simply decline to pay the claim.

An Accident Attorney in Medford MA knows how to persuade insurance adjusters that the client is being honest. Additional independent medical opinions aside from the person’s family doctor may suffice.

Delays Seeking Treatment

The insurer may also be skeptical if the man or woman did not seek medical treatment for a few days. However, delaying is quite common after accidents that do not seem very serious. The person expects to be a bit stiff and sore the next day. Only when symptoms do not get better or start to worsen does this individual decide to see a doctor.

Exaggerated Claims

The insurance company also is familiar with cases in which people were injured but not to the degree to which they claim. Adjusters expect to hear about relatively minor whiplash symptoms, as this is common after a rear-end collision. However, when someone says they are having so much pain that they cannot work full-time or participate in their usual activities, the adjusters may be suspicious.

Determining Who Is Being Truthful

Whiplash claims account for a high percentage of injury claims to automotive insurers, explaining why adjusters try hard to be careful figuring out who is being truthful. It may take an organization like the Law Offices of Burton J. Hass to convince them. Click here to learn about this particular attorney’s office. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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