Dallas Citizenship Lawyer

With jobs, health care and education, there is still a world of opportunity in the United States. That’s why immigrants continue to line up for their chance to become U.S. citizens. There will be obstacles placed in your way, paperwork, supplementation, interviewing and testing. It seems endless, and you’re going to need some qualified help during the process, but you’re nearing your destination. A simple mistake or misinterpretation might lead to a request for more information, a denial or even a your future days here in the United States. An experienced and effective

from our offices can help you overcome the obstacles that you will encounter.

As you take those final steps on your pathway to citizenship, we’ll help you navigate the complications involved in the citizenship process and provide you with the guidance that you need to attain your objective. We have often successfully represented citizenship applicants in interviews and hearings before the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) and the federal appellate courts. If there is a need to object to and challenge improper USCIS rulings through the use of the appellate process and courts, we will maintain and push those appeals when necessary.

The citizenship lawyer Dallas TX who you select to represent you in achieving your goal is critical. We’re proud of our history of success throughout Texas and the nation. As soon as you retain us, you will be confident that you have placed your trust in an immigration law firm that will remain with you throughout every step of the process.

We want you to be able to call the United States your home. If that’s your goal, visit with us on your journey for United States citizenship. When you do that, we can start formulating a plan for you.

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