Criminal Charges Defense- not a time to go it alone

by | Jun 23, 2012 | Lawyer

These days there are people charged with crimes for a bewildering array of reasons and the   penalties for criminal convictions can go far beyond a jail sentence, fine or probation term.  If someone is arrested, has a court summons, subpoena or are being questioned by the police, they need the services of an expert McDonough Criminal Attorney.   When criminal charges are brought against someone, they do not need to be undefended.

Defense is the first and main priority in a criminal case. A criminal conviction is recorded for all of your life and only by retaining the services of an experienced McDonough Criminal Attorney do you have a fighting chance against criminal charges.

Politicians who talk about being “tough on crime” have turned the criminal justice system into a conviction machine.  All they want to hear and see is the number of convictions that are handed down every day all across the country.  They don’t look at the individuals behind the convictions; all they want to know are the results.  In most court cases, the accused is seen as being guilty long before the case ever comes to court.  This is where the services of a good, dependable and trustworthy McDonough Criminal Attorney are needed.  This is especially true if the defendant is being charged with something they are not actually guilty off.  Every person, guilty or not deserves a fair shot at having their case heard and without a good McDonough Criminal Attorney working on their case, chances are they won’t have that fair trial.

Unfortunately, criminal court cases are generally geared towards getting a conviction and not towards doing what the law says it should- that the prosecution has to prove without reasonable doubt the defendant is guilty.  The job of a good, expert McDonough Criminal Attorney is to not only defend their client’s rights but to do their best to make sure all sides of the case are heard.  If you go into criminal court without a good attorney, then you stand a good chance of being pushed through the court system and may wind up with a conviction when you’re not even guilty.  An expert McDonough Criminal Attorney can help guide your case through the legal process to either get your case dropped or expedited through the court calendar.

If you ever find yourself facing criminal charges, you must do whatever it takes to make sure you have a reliable, experienced McDonough Criminal Attorney handling your case.   You do not want to wind up either unrepresented in court or with a public defender if you can help it.  Public defenders are overworked and most don’t have the time to truly dedicate themselves to working your case. Only the services of a private McDonough Criminal Attorney are the best way to make sure your case is handled fairly and in an expert manner. You do not want to take the risk of getting a conviction when you’re not guilty or if you are guilty, getting a heavier punishment than you should have gotten.



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