Understand How Bankruptcy In Chicago Works

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If you’re trying to decide whether or not to file a Chicago bankruptcy, you need to weigh up all of the different options available to you and make sure that you talk to a reputable Chicago bankruptcy attorney before you make a decision. Talking to a reputable lawyer will probably not cost you anything, as many lawyers offer a free first consultation. No reputable lawyer will try to convince you to file for bankruptcy if there is not a good reason.

Your First Meeting With A Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer

It is vital that you take all the relevant information with you when you attend your first meeting with a Chicago bankruptcy attorney. He or she needs to know everything. You cannot leave out any information that may pertain to your financial affairs and debt situation as it may affect the type of bankruptcy that you file and indeed, the outcome. You need to make sure that you include a list of all your debts – every single one of them. There is no debt that is not important when you are considering filing for a Chicago bankruptcy. You attorney will want to know about it all, so he can have the information to help you make a good decision about the process of filing for bankruptcy.

Assets In A Chicago Bankruptcy

Along with a list of your debts, you need to make a list of all of your assets. Again, you need to make the list as complete as possible. While most people don’t think further than their home or their car – you need to go deeper than that. What about your insurance policies? Have you listed your retirement annuity? Having a full list of your assets and your debts will help your Chicago bankruptcy attorney understand your financial situation and plan which Chapter of the bankruptcy code will most help you regain a string financial footing.

Filing for bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of. The current economic climate has left many Americans reeling from debt due to job loss, medical emergencies and other unforeseen financial circumstances. The important thing is to know that you are doing something to help your financial situation by talking about it with a reputable Chicago bankruptcy lawyer. You won’t have to surrender all of your assets and with the right Chicago bankruptcy lawyer on your team you may even be able to save your home, vehicles and even policies. Taking the first step is always hard and it is hard to talk about your finances, but remember that a bankruptcy lawyer is there to help you get through and face the future with pride and confidence in yourself.

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