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Convincing Reasons to Hire an Assertive Workers Compensation Attorney

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Lawyer

When you suffer an injury or illness directly because of your job, you have the right to pursue damages from your employer. However, you may not know how to file for them. You also may fear repercussions from your employer, such as having your hours cut or being fired.

Instead of not pursuing benefits that you are legally entitled to, you can hire a lawyer to assist you. You can take advantage of retaining an assertive workers compensation attorney in Joliet to take your case.

Filing Your Insurance Claim

Before you can pursue damages for your illness or injury, you must first file an insurance claim against your employer’s policy. Your human resource manager or supervisor may not entirely forthcoming with this information. He or she may not want to give you the policy details and instead try to convince you to pay for your own medical expenses.

However, when you hire a lawyer, you can get the help needed to file that insurance claim. Your legal team can get the claim filed in a timely manner and make sure that the insurer pays out your claim right away.

Avoiding Repercussions

Your attorney can also make sure that you avoid repercussions that your employer may want to mete out to you. If you can return to work, you can remain in the same positions and avoid having your hours cut.

Learn more about hiring a workers compensation attorney in Joliet online. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell PC at https://www.blocklaw.com.

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