Choosing a Deportation Attorney in Cincinnati OH

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Lawyer

The stress of impending deportation can be frightening. The good news is that there are ways to legally delay and/or cancel deportation so you can stay in the country and continue to work. Each situation is different so it will take the knowledge and experience of a Deportation Attorney in Cincinnati, OH to help you. The following will describe the traits of a qualified and quality attorney to make choosing one easier for you.


A lawyer has to provide proof that he or she has the proper credentials to practice law. This means they have the education and licensing to provide representation to anyone in need. It’s also good to choose an attorney who is a member of immigration associations dedicated to lawyers.


Immigration laws are strict and somewhat complicated. You should not have to worry over facing deportation or the right to fight to cancel it on your own. Hire a lawyer that you know has experience in this area of law. Nothing is wrong with asking a lawyer about his or her experience.

Track Record

The lawyer you choose to help you fight deportation should have a good track record. Knowing a lawyer has been successful with fighting deportation for other clients, gives you peace of mind in their abilities.


Everyone knows that familiarity in the legal arena can be a big help when it comes to immigration and deportation. Look for a lawyer that has a good reputation among their connections like prosecutors, law enforcement, judges, and other well-known people in the immigration arena. Don’t expect them to cheat the system, but they might be able to save time, energy, and hassles when getting your visa.


Always ask the attorney how much they charge for their services. Unless an attorney offers to take your case without charging you money, there will be some fees involved for the work lawyers to prevent your deportation. You should not have to pay anything for the initial consultation.

These are the factors you need to consider when you are looking for legal help for avoiding deportation for you or a loved one. There are laws that are designed to help certain immigrants and protect them from immediate deportation. Listen to your lawyer and do what he or she says and be completely honest with your attorney.


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