Horak & Boyd, PLLC: Guiding You Through Challenging Times

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Lawyer

Facing legal action on ones own can be daunting to say the least, but when the burden falls without warning things truly can become overwhelming. Many aspects of the legal process can be unique to the situation but certain components of adult life can universally benefit from legal consultation. Whether simply looking for legal guidance in planning for your estate, filing to serve as Power of Attorney for a family member or writing a living will there are legal procedures that are ideally entered into with an attorney’s guidance. When facing a devastating event such as a traumatic injury due to the neglect of another or a preventable death, having the support of a legal team can help make things right. The legal team of Horak & Boyd, PLLC is capable of handling a wide range of legal issues, from slip and fall injuries to bankruptcy filings.

Taking the time to understand the complete picture when facing any legal event is crucial. Happier events such as altering a will to include a new family member may seem like occasions to be lax in the wording and alteration of an existing will, but without proper legal clarification the family you leave behind could be left with jarring results in error. The same can be said for large changes in personal assets: if a new home is not listed properly in a will or trust, it could potentially become property of the state upon the passing of its owner. While there are no set in stone guidelines regarding when to review a will, it is best to do so at instances in ones life such as:

A change in the listed individual’s marital status

Changes in the family dynamics such as the birth or adoption of a new child

Dramatic changes in the value of owned assets

Keeping accurate records will help make certain the will on file is accurate when honoring must take place.

Finding yourself injured without warning can truly be devastating. Neglectful business owners who allow their equipment to cause harm to individuals, a vehicle accident or even a medical mistake can bring a person’s world to a halt. By working with an attorney who understands the laws that govern personal injury justice can be both swift and fair.


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