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A brain injury from an accident is serious business. If the other party was negligent in playing a role in the injury, you want to make sure they pay for the effects of the accident. That’s why you need a personal injury lawyer Bel Air professional to work on your side. Here are some facts and information about brain injuries that will help you see their seriousness and why you need someone fighting for you.

Types of Brain Injury

Brain injuries can range from the simple concussion to something that is more serious and life-threatening. Concussions can cause temporary loss of consciousness along with disorientation and confusion, but those symptoms often go away after awhile. Other brain injuries, however, are more severe and they can cause lifelong problems. Treatment can cost thousands of dollars over the years, which is why you need a personal injury lawyer Bel Air professional fighting for you. They can give you an idea about what your medical bills will be and they can help make sure that the insurance company pays.

Brain Injury Symptoms

There are many symptoms of a brain injury. Some of those symptoms include memory loss, changes in sleeping patterns, mental fatigue and confusion and much more. Sometimes a brain injury may manifest itself simply as a chronic headache. Either way, if you feel like you have suffered from even minor head trauma, you should seek medical attention. Your personal injury lawyer Bel Air professional can help you choose a qualified physician that will work with you on your medical bills until you win your case in court.

Brain Injury Treatment

Some brain injuries may require treatment for the rest of your life while others may simply require rest and medication for a few days. Either way, a qualified physician is going to want to do follow up visits and monitor you for a couple months just to make sure their diagnosis is correct and there is no serious damage that they missed initially. Rehabilitation can take several months and that can be very costly. The negligent party’s insurance company isn’t going to just write you a check for your medical bills. That’s why you need the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer Bel Air professional to work for you. They will help make sure you get compensation for your medical bills so you have very little, if any, out of pocket expenses for your injury.


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