3 Reasons to Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

by | May 6, 2019 | Criminal Defense

When you’re facing criminal charges, your freedom and your entire future are at stake, which means you’ll need the legal counsel only a criminal defense lawyer St Augustine FL can provide. Here, you’ll learn several important reasons to hire an attorney when you’re facing any type of criminal charges.

They Know When to Negotiate and When to Go to Trial

While no lawyer can guarantee a specific result, our team thrives on pursuing each case to its full potential. An effective criminal defense attorney knows that some cases require trials while others may be settled out of court. If negotiations don’t reach a fair outcome, we’ll help you get ready for a courtroom trial.

In-Depth Knowledge of the State’s Laws

Every case is different, but they all have one thing in common: an adequate defense requires a deep knowledge of local, state, and federal law. The American justice system is extremely complex, and to create a solid defense against criminal charges, you’ll face an uphill battle. An effective criminal defense lawyer St Augustine FL will use their knowledge of the state’s laws to help you protect your legal rights and your freedom.

Offering Legal Counsel and Emotional Support When You Need it Most

When you’re facing criminal charges, you’ll undoubtedly be under a substantial amount of pressure. For most defendants, the psychological effects are impossible to disregard. A well-known defense attorney can use his or her connections to help you deal with the mental and emotional toll of a criminal case.

Do You Need Additional Reasons? Call Today

Criminal charges often have lasting mental, physical, and financial effects, but there are ways to get through these situations.

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