10 Tips for Life Care Planning and End of Life Preparation in Wellesley, MA

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Lawyer

You’ve lived a long and fruitful life. You may be thinking about your legacy, what you want to leave behind after you are gone. The best way to do this is with life care planning in Wellesley, MA. Lifecare planning ensures that your wishes are known ahead of time so that they can be carried out when the time comes. This blog post will offer 10 tips for end-of-life preparation, including considerations for hospice care and funeral arrangements.

What Is Life Care Planning?

Lifecare planning is a way to take care of yourself and your loved ones by planning ahead. The process is designed to ensure that everyone involved knows what you want, including things like where the funds will go when it is time for them to be used or spent; what should happen with other property, such as real estate; who should be in charge of caring for you and what you want; and who will make decisions for you if your decision-making capacity is impaired or eliminated.

Why Should You Plan for Your End of Life?

Planning for your end of life can help you, your family and friends know what to expect. Planning ahead also gives you peace of mind knowing that the things most important to you will be considered and addressed in a timely manner when they come up.

How Do You Start to Prepare For Your End of Life?

Preparing for your end of life can be an emotional, complicated and difficult process. A good first step is to identify what you want for yourself and start planning your accommodations.

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