Workers Compensation Melville: How is it different from Personal Injury Claim?

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Lawyer

In general, workers compensation is considered as a complicated procedure. Most of the terms used are not understandable by laymen which includes earning capacity, statutory benefits, double indemnity and actuarial computation. A basic knowledge on these terms is necessary to understand how Workers Compensation Melville is paid in case of an injury. Melville being a railway city located in Canada has population of about 4500 inhabitants.

Though the accident rate is very low in comparison to other cities, Melville has its own share of workers compensation claim and personal injury claim by workers. Most people confuse personal injury claim and workers compensation. Though both are paid in case of an accident at work, the former is only paid if the accident work took place due to negligence. It also comes with lots of clauses. On the other hand, workers compensation is paid regardless of who is at fault.

The right way to go about it is by hiring a lawyer who has expertise in handling worker compensation cases in order to get a fair trial. Though most of the lawyers are capable of handling Workers Compensation Melville cases, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who has specialization in workers compensation law. In case of an accident at work the employer has both contractual and legal obligation to pay the employee. Though most of the employers take up insurance as per the requirement of law, sometimes they have to pay extra amount out of their pockets.

This is where most of the issue arises. The employer has to compensate the loss of pay, compensate the medical expense, transportation or any other expense incurred due to this accident, rehabilitation expenses and so on. Medical expenses are not limited to just physical injury. In case of stress-related injuries or mental and emotional injuries, they have to be compensated as well.

Workers compensation law was established to provide benefits for the victim in the fastest, healthiest and safest way. This law also safeguards the interest of employer or insurance companies from suffering from very big losses due to a lawsuit filed by employees. This functions as a platform to provide a justice to both the parties.



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