Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA Help Injured Employees Resolve Issues

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Attorney

Even when a person’s workers’ compensation claim has been accepted and benefits are being paid, those benefits can be stopped if the employer believes the employee is ready to come back to work. It’s imperative not to return to work too soon, however, because that could worsen the injury or delay recovery. Workers’ compensation attorney in Pittsburgh, PA can help when someone is being pressured to return to the job and is certain it would be a bad idea.

Sometimes, all that is required to get benefits started again is a statement from a doctor verifying that the employee should continue to rest. But, what if a doctor decides the patient has reached a maximum level of medical improvement, and completes a return-to-work form? The doctor may be willing to specify light-duty work only, but disputes can arise when an employer and employee disagree on what constitutes light-duty. For instance, the injured person may still become easily fatigued, and need to lie down during the day or sleep for a few hours. Unless the employer can offer part-time work that fits these limitations, the injured person may feel wary of trying to do any sort of job.

Workers’ compensation attorney in Pittsburgh, PA can help claimants deal with complicating factors. For example, a person may be willing to return to a lighter-duty position, but that position may pay less than the usual job this worker does. Workers’ compensation should pay for the difference in wages until the employee returns to the job for which he or she was hired.

Another complicating factor would be if the employee can never return to the previous job because of some level of disability. Sometimes, there is no lighter-duty position available either. Workers’ compensation may pay for retraining so the individual can continue to earn money at the prior wage amount.

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