Workers Comp For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sufferers

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There are a number of repetitive stress injuries, among them perhaps carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most prevalent. More and more people employed are being asked to perform the same tasks day in and day out, often desk bound during their working day using nothing more to perform their task than a mouse and computer keyboard. It is easy to see why carpal tunnel syndrome is becoming very common compared to years gone by. Although carpal tunnel is a direct result of the work you do it will prove very difficult to sue your employer for damages as most workers are covered by workers compensation and are barred from taking any legal action except under certain situations. It is extremely important that you understand exactly how workers compensation law applies to you and your injury; if you feel that you are being denied your rightful compensation then you will need to hire a workers compensation attorney in El Monte to sue for satisfaction.

What actually is carpal tunnel?

When the nerves and tendons in your wrist are compressed the result can be carpal tunnel syndrome. These are the same tendons and nerves that are responsible for you to flex your fingers. This bundle of nerves and tendons pass to your fingers through a very small tunnel in your wrist; the tunnel is so small that it takes very little swelling to choke it, compressing the nerves and tendons. When these are compressed there is significant pain and the hand becomes quite weak.

Any repetitive motion can cause this ailment; in the workplace data entry, working a cash register or constant pushing or pressing on a component during an assembly process can be identifies as the cause.

Is carpal tunnel syndrome covered by workers comp?

Any work related injury will normally result in compensation; the problem is that there are arguments about whether carpal tunnel is work related. In many cases the employer’s insurance company will argue that the injury was not caused by work at all but was caused by some other factor. In cases like this the onus of responsibility falls on the employee to prove that the injury is related to their employment.

An insurance company will often argue that the injury is directly related to an activity which takes place outside of the workplace; if, for example, the employee is an avid tennis player the insurance company will argue that it was tennis that caused the injury, not work.

It is in situations like this where you may be denied workers comp benefits that you should hire a workers compensation attorney in El Monte.

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