Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Help with Your Will and Estate Planning

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Attorney

When you have amassed an impressive estate throughout your life, you may not want it to necessarily go to your next of kin. Instead, you may have specific people and charities in mind to whom you want to gift your money and assets.

However, if you have not written a will and filed it with the court, anyone can lay claim to what you leave behind. By using the services of a professional estate planning attorney, Mobile, AL, residents like you can stipulate whom you want your assets to go to and how you would like your money divided among your heirs.

Making Funeral Plans

Working with a skilled estate planning attorney in Mobile, AL, clients like you get the opportunity to be crystal clear about your last wishes. For example, you may not want a fancy funeral that will cost thousands of dollars. You also may not want your next of kin to be the one planning your funeral services.

When you create a will, you can dictate how and where you would like your funeral to take place. You also can allocate money to cover the costs of the services that you want. Your attorney will make sure your heirs do not spend more or less than what you have laid out in your final wishes.

Dividing Your Assets

You also can stipulate how you want your assets and money disbursed. Your attorney will put in writing the names of your heirs. These people will legally be on the only ones who can receive money or property from your estate.

After you pass away, your will and estate can be filed with the local probate court. Your attorney will advocate for you, so the judge is more likely to render a decision in your estate’s favor.

Planning your estate starts by hiring a lawyer who specializes in this area. You can find one by contacting Johnstone Adams LLC today at .

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