Why you Need an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

by | Mar 9, 2013 | Lawyer

When an accident is caused by a careless truck driver or a lack in truck maintenance the injured party deserves to get justice via adequate financial compensation. Contacting a truck accident lawyer is the best way to see that happens. An injured party should pursue the claim against the responsible negligent party irrespective of a work status, financial means, or ethnicity. The injured party needs a truck accident lawyer to pursue compensation so that they may later go back to living their lives as close to as possible as they were before being affected so adversely by the accident. In some cases that isn’t always possible as being hit by a vehicle as heavy as a truck can cause severe physical damage.

In the worst of cases a death occurs as a result of a truck accident in which case the family remaining would be the ones to file for a wrongful death suit which could also be handled by the same truck accident lawyer. Obviously no amount of money could ever bring back the loved one or repair the damage to the family as a result of their loss, but a truck accident lawyer can seek recompense for the families cost associated with the victim’s death and financial obligations that remain.

In most cases a truck accident lawyer will hire their own private investigation unit or service to investigate the details of the accident independently from the police’s investigation. The purpose is to gain and gather evidence that will show the victims situation and status when being hit by the truck and the errors made by the truck driver, or their company or rigs owners. Information on what exactly occurred the positions and speeds of the vehicles at the time of impact and where the vehicles ended as a result of the collision. They will also inspect the wreckage of the vehicle and document their findings. All of this will be gathered in case the case is taken to trial. In truth, many truck accident lawyers are able to reach a settlement with the defendants in these situations before ever entering a court room. Whether that happens or not the case must be prepared as if it is concluding in a trial.

It is important in these types of cases to stick with an experienced truck accident lawyer who has tried these types of cases and won. With any truck accident there can be many laws at play that are relevant to the case, those of the Department of Transportation on a Federal Level, the Department of Transportation for the applicable State, as well as any local laws. There are laws that pertain to many things that can cause a truck accident like excessive speed, faulty or broken equipment on the truck, lack of proper maintenance, poor tires or wheel problems, too much weight in the truck, or even driver or equipment fatigue. With so many factors at play don’t take any chances hire an experienced truck accident lawyer.


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