Why You Need A Social Security Lawyer

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Law

If what one hears and reads has an element of truth to it, making application for Social Security disability benefits is indeed a difficult and arduous task. It is the degree of difficulty that makes having a seasoned Social Security lawyer in Westland available for guidance very beneficial.

The greatest majority of initial applications for disability benefits are denied in the first instance. Perhaps the application might have been successful has a lawyer been involved, no one will ever know but what is known, when the application is denied there is a far better chance of mounting a successful appeal with a lawyer than without. As the next steps involve complicated appeals processes it will prove extremely difficult for a layperson to deal with the appeals independently. It is important however to hire a lawyer that focuses his or her practice around these issues, lawyers who focus on other areas of the law will not have the same insight into the SSA.

There is no way to know in advance what your benefits will be , from that perspective it is similar to a personal injury law suit where the injured party has no way to know in advance what the settlement will be. For the applicant for Social Security disability there is little risk as the legal fees are set by law and the cases are taken on contingency. In the event you are granted benefits the lawyer is paid to a scale from your back pay, if the case does not prosper there are no fees to pay.

The Social Security lawyer in Westland who is successful in winning your case is not paid from your benefits on a monthly basis. The law is written in such a way that your lawyer is entitled to a fee which is either 25 percent of the back pay that you receive but is capped at $5,300 maximum. This fee is paid directly by the SSA to the lawyer from your back pay and the case is closed.

A lawyer, because he or she is so intimate with the system and its rules and regulations is in a far better position to accomplish things than a layperson. A lawyer can gain access to the file that the SSA keeps on your case; this alone is extremely valuable as it allows the lawyer to gain insight into why the application was denied and what factors will have the most impact on seeing a successful appeal. The lawyer can gather your medical records, review them and offer the pertinent records as evidence to the SSA, reinforcing your claim that you are truly disabled and you are deserving of benefits. In the vent there is a case of dire need the lawyer is well positioned to expedite the case.

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