Why Should People Hire a Work Injury Attorney In Wichita?

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Law

Every year there are millions of workers injured on the job. Construction workers and manufacturing laborers top the list. Those who have been injured have the right to receive worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits cover their wages while they are unable to work and take care of any medical bills they incur. Though these benefits are available to injured workers, they are not always easy to obtain. Workers often find help by hiring a Work Injury Attorney In Wichita to guide them in their pursuit of benefits.

When an injured worker files a claim with his employer, the insurance company is notified. This starts the process of the claim, requiring the worker to take several steps. The first step is for the worker to undergo drug and alcohol testing. Not all employers require this of injured workers, but many do. Failure to pass these tests could result in a claim being denied. It could also cause a worker to lose their job.

After drug and alcohol testing is complete, the injured worker must see the insurance company’s doctor. Though many people do not feel comfortable being required to see a doctor they are not familiar with, this is a requirement that cannot be skipped. The doctor will determine the diagnosis, prognosis and the length of time the worker will be unable to perform his job. The insurance company will use this information to decide on the claim.

Unfortunately, many people are denied their worker’s compensation benefits unfairly. If they have an attorney representing them, the attorney can appeal the decision. Depending on how the process goes, this could lead to a court case.
When a person hires a Work Injury Attorney In Wichita, they are not required to pay any fee unless they are approved for their benefits. Those who are finding it difficult to go through a worker’s compensation claim should Contact Business Name.

Through their help, workers can have the benefit of having their rights protected throughout the claims process. This can be a valuable help so workers can focus on their recovery. Call today and schedule a consultation appointment to learn mo

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