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Why Hiring a Lawyer in Stockton to Aid with Your SSI Application Is Smart?

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Lawyer

When you first attempt to apply for Supplemental Security Income or SSI for short, you’ll probably quickly realize that is very confusing to sort through all of the required paperwork. An experienced SSI Lawyer Stockton can help guide you through the process.


An SSI attorney is already familiar with the entire process of the Social Security application process. There isn’t a scenario that can happen that the attorney has not experienced at least once before. Since the chance of surprises is quite low, the process will be much easier than trying to complete the application on your own.


If an application is incomplete in any way, it will be denied. Every line and space on the forms must be filled out, even if it is just a N/A when there is no applicable answer. The attorney will review your application to ensure it is complete and that your individual story is told in a way to elicit approval from the agency/


Most people are not familiar with the specialized words and terms that the SSI agency uses on their forms. This jargon can prove to be quite confusing to the average layperson. An attorney already knows these terms and can use them to your advantage.

Medical Records

An SSI lawyer Stockton can help you request the proper medical records to back up your claim for SSI benefits. While you will need to sign off on the final request, the lawyer will get the ball rolling on the requests. For more information, please visit Pena & Bromberg today.

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