Why Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in Longview, TX?

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Many people do not like lawyers. That means many are reluctant to pay them. When injuries caused by another party occurs, there is a tendency by many people to settle directly with the insurance company. The insurance adjuster will probably suggest that any lawyer hired by the consumer is going to take a big fraction of the settlement. By settling directly with the insurance company, victims can get 100% of the money. Unfortunately, settling with the insurance company in an injury case without legal counsel usually results in a substandard settlement. The goal of the insurance company is to be as profitable as possible. This means paying as little as possible to claimants. If a victim has not retained legal counsel, there is virtually no chance of a big jury award at a trial. Why should the insurance company settle for what the case is really worth? That is why victims should seriously consider hiring personal injury attorneys in Longview, TX.

Even after hiring personal injury lawyers such as Martin Walker, P.C. Attorneys at Law , insurance companies won’t suddenly offer a fair settlement. The only time when insurers are willing to pay fair is when there is a chance that they will lose big at a jury trial. This means the personal injury lawyer has to work hard to build the case. Depositions need to be taken. Subpoenas need to be issued. Personal injury attorneys in Longview, TX have to work hard even though the case is unlikely to go to trial. Once a trial date is set, that is when insurance companies begin to get serious about offering a fair settlement.

Until it is time to go to trial, the insurance company lawyers will do everything possible to undermine the plaintiff’s case. For example, the insurer might suggest that the injuries were not caused by the accident. Or the defense lawyers may try to prove that the defendant was partially or completely negligent. This is why some cases may take years before settling. In the meantime, victims have to sustain themselves financially without the benefit of settlement money. However, it is almost always more beneficial to wait until the case is close to trial rather than to settle early.

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