When You Really Need Help After An Accident, Talk To A Truck Accident Lawyer In Phoenix

by | Dec 4, 2014 | Lawyers

Trucks are the gorillas on the highways. When there’s a conflict, it doesn’t usually go well for the other vehicle. Like King Kong, they outweigh everything else by a very wide margin – and gross vehicle weight matters.

Drivers of cars and motorcycles do not always appreciate that fact. They have been known to follow a truck too closely or remain in the truck driver’s blind spot. They might cut right in front of a truck and slow down, making it impossible for the truck to stop in time to avoid an accident. Inexperienced drivers who make foolish driving errors concerning a truck may pay a very high price for their mistake.

However, truck drivers are presumed to be competent and experienced professionals. A driver may have other duties, such as loading or unloading cargo, but their primary responsibility is to safely drive the truck in compliance with trucking regulations. They are expected to keep vehicle inspection records and ensure that they have required safety equipment. They are supposed to not drive more than the allowable hours, as fatigue contributes to accidents. They are expected to drive safely and defensively, as they are in the vehicle capable of causing the most damage when things go wrong.

And things do go wrong. A truck driver might make false entries in a log book and drive when fatigued. An inexperienced or poorly trained truck driver might ignore brake problems or make dangerous driving decisions. A driver could be drunk or inappropriately medicated. Poor maintenance could result in tire blowouts. Who hasn’t seen shredded truck tires by the side of the highway?

When someone has been injured or there has been a wrongful death in a truck-car accident, it’s necessary for the injured person’s Truck Accident Lawyer in Phoenix to proved negligence. Bad brakes could have been defective from the manufacturer or not replaced with needed. Was the driver tired or drunk or distracted? Was the truck being driven too fast for the road conditions? Are there errors on the police report? Are there witnesses? A full investigation is necessary.

The Law Office of Jay A Bansal has extensive experience in helping people receive fair compensation for their injuries incurred by another’s negligence. Visit the website to explore the services offered or to request a free consultation with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Phoenix. No attorney fees will be due until the client has obtained financial compensation.




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