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When Should People Hire Product Liability Attorneys from the Chicago Area?

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Law

Personal injury law also covers injuries or deaths caused by a defective or otherwise dangerous product that causes injuries. This type of case involves the liability factor that manufacturers must consider during the start to finish and labeling of their specific product. When should people hire experienced product liability attorneys from the Chicago area? Read on for some examples that can explain these situations better.

Some Examples of Defective Products That Could Cause Serious Injuries or Death

Sometimes, something goes wrong during the manufacturing process itself. This could result in broken product parts that could later cause injuries and perhaps even deaths if a consumer uses the defective item. Other examples of potential liability of a product occur when something unwanted somehow gets into the product or packaging. This unwanted item could be sharp objects in edible products, debris or germs that cause illness, like Salmonella that causes food poisoning, or the unwanted addition of a toxin into the product during production.

Incorrect or Misprinted Product Labeling Could Cause Problems

Manufacturers are obligated to carefully and thoroughly provide a list of warnings and/or a complete list of ingredients when they label their products. Warning labels must be used if the product contains any sort of toxic or hazardous substance. Additionally, each product label must indicate the ingredients or contents honestly. A product that does not list peanut oil could potentially cause illness or death in someone allergic to peanuts, and the manufacturer may be liable.

Find Product Liability Attorneys in Chicago

If you are seeking a product liability attorney in Chicago, then Shea Law Group is an excellent choice as they have a team that ensures you get the benefits you deserve.

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