What You Should Know About Child Custody in Hollywood, FL

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When a relationship ends and there are children involved, usually there is some kind of agreement regarding child custody. Sometimes, the settlement of dates and times and where the child will reside are reached amicably and sometimes not. When it isn’t, you need to be aware of the various types of child custody in Hollywood, FL.

Legal Custody of the Child

Sole legal custody is defined as one parent having the complete and sole custody and legal authority over the child. That parent makes all of the major decisions regarding the upbringing of that child. Legal custody includes making decisions on where the child goes to school, the type of education he or she receives, the religious beliefs and practices that are followed and the child’s healthcare. In joint legal custody, both parents have legal authority over the child to make major decisions. Shared legal custody is most common in child custody in Hollywood, FL.

Physical Custody of the Child

Physical custody, also known as residential custody, is where the child resides the majority of the time. There are three types of custody within this category: sole, joint and bird’s nest.

Sole Physical Custody

In sole physical custody, the child physically resides at one location. This doesn’t mean the non-custodial parent doesn’t get to see the child. In fact, usually, the non-residing parent has liberal visitation rights.

Joint Physical Custody

In joint physical custody, also known as shared custody or shared parenting, the children live with one parent for part of the week, month or year and the other parent for the other part of the time. The time in the dual residence arrangement is divided equally.

Bird’s Nest Custody

In bird’s nest custody, the children live in one location and the parents are basically visiting, but on a regular schedule. During the week, the mother may stay there for four consecutive days and nights and then leaves. The father stays at the children’s home for the remaining three days and nights of the week. Bird’s nest custody has been noted to produce the least amount of stress on the children but can be expensive as there are three residences that must be maintained. This type of custody arrangement works best where the fight for custody has been so significant it has produced a high level of stress in the children involved. To minimize that, the bird’s nest custody releases the stress by giving the children a consistent home without the worry of being shifted from one home to another to visit mom or dad.

You should note parents can have joint legal custody without having joint physical custody. If you’re looking for help with child custody in Hollywood, FL, visit the website.

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