What You Can Do To Protect Your Rights With Sexual Harassment Lawyers In Scottsdale AZ

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Lawyers, Legal Services

Everyone has the right to work in an environment free of hostility and threats. For many women, and even for men, workplace sexual harassment can be a big problem. Too often, employees who are being harassed do not realize that what is happening to them is illegal or are too intimidated to do anything about it. It is important to know what sexual harassment is and when to get help from Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Scottsdale AZ, because under no circumstances do you have to tolerate or be unable to work because of someone else’s inappropriate behavior. Here are some common forms of harassment:

  • A coworker or supervisor makes sexually explicit jokes or demeaning comments about you, or talks about you in this way with other employees, or in front of clients and customers.

  • Coworkers or supervisors send sexually inappropriate emails or pornography to you and other coworkers.

  • Unwanted, inappropriate touching, groping, or attempts see past or remove your clothing.

  • Catcalling, making sexist comments or jokes, or discriminating based on your gender. This can include things like consistently putting you in dangerous jobs, less lucrative positions, or refusing to promote you or give you a deserved raise because of your gender or because you rebuffed their advances.

  • Threatening to demote or fire you that if you do not consent to dates or sexual encounters with a superior.

These are just a few examples of what workplace sexual harassment looks like. When any of your coworkers or supervisors degrades you, threaten you, or treat you inappropriately based on your gender or their personal desires, it is harassment. Many times, people quit soon after something like this happens because they are embarrassed or scared to return to work.

Before you quit, make an effort to report the harassment via your company’s employee handbook instructions. Keep a written account of each instance of harassment, including who was involved, what was said or done, and email or text documentation if available. This will strengthen your case when you make your report. While the perpetrator does not legally have to be fired, the company must make an attempt to resolve the situation if it is determined that harassment is taking place. If this does not happen, call Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Scottsdale AZ for help. For more information about how to protect your rights in the workplace,

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