What Role Does A Personal Injury Attorney Play?

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A personal injury attorney is a legal professional who represents the interests of a client who has sustained injuries which are a result of negligence or inflicted willingly. There are many broad concepts within legal circles but in all reality negligence is something that happens when an individual or an entity such as a corporation fails to perform in a manner designed to avoid injury. As an act negligence can be either direct or indirect. An example of direct negligence is a reckless driver injuring someone or damages someone’s property. Once engaged, a personal injury attorney in El Monte will gather all the available evidence which supports negligence and determines the responsibility.

A personal injury attorney will find him or herself involved in a host of different legal situations which include car accidents, slip and fall injuries and product liability; if a person is of the opinion that they have been wronged and it needs to be righted, then that person will hire a personal injury attorney in El Monte.

The law that applies to cases of personal injury is “tort” law. Tort is when a civil, not a criminal, wrong has occurred, the result of which is an injury or material loss as a direct result of negligence. A seasoned personal injury attorney will be very intimate with the law and in preparing a case will conduct a great deal of legal research regarding case law and precedent. The attorney will study the case at hand and make comparisons between the facts of the present case and previous cases. The idea behind researching past cases is to give the attorney an opportunity to formulate an opinion and offer the clients alternative ways in which to address the grievance. Often this background work is done by paralegals working for the law firm.

Once the attorney has completed all the preliminary research, he or she will spend time with the client, giving the client advice on what is thought to be the best way to proceed. Very few people other than lawyers have a deep understanding or appreciation for the law, even though this is the case the attorney will not decide on the approach, the attorney’s job at this time is to present the available options to the client, letting the client make the decision. Once the client has decided the personal injury attorney in El Monte is free to set the best course of action.

One option of course is taking the case to court although in the majority of cases the elected course of action is to negotiate an out of court settlement which is satisfactory to all concerned. Regardless of what course of action is pursued the task of the attorney is to get the best settlement for the client.

If you have suffered an injury or damage to your property as a result of negligence on behalf of another, you will want to hire a personal injury attorney in El Monte. You are welcome to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen at website url. View us on.

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