What Makes Up a Good DUI Attorney Santa Rosa County

Getting a driving under the influence charge, or DUI, can be a devastating event in anyone’s life. With extreme and severe repercussions at stake, you need to put this important matter in the hands of a qualified DUI Attorney Santa Rosa County. You can lose your license or even your employment as result of the verdict in your case. While every circumstance and case is different, you can rest assured that an experienced lawyer will evaluate your case and make an effective strategy for your defense.

You can lose your job and occupational certifications, such as a teaching certificate or a nursing license, if you are caught drinking and driving. Courts have been aggressive in the sentencing of these types of crimes. Long gone are the days when a slap on the wrist was what you could expect from a judge after getting caught drinking a few too many. A DUI Attorney Santa Rosa County gives you the best chance of fighting a DUI charge and ensuring your record remains clean.

Using a DUI Attorney Santa Rosa County, you could possibly enter into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement or a Pretrial Diversions. Your lawyer should stand by your side during the arraignment, jury selection, verdict and the sentencing.

A DUI Attorney Santa Rosa County can handle many other kinds of cases, but usually has a significant amount of experience with DUIs. There are a number of possible defenses that could apply to your case. The police officer may not have followed the proper procedure or may not have had the right cause to suspect intoxication. The breathing machine or breathalyzer use to determine the blood alcohol content, BAC, may not have been functioning correctly. There are many factors that go into a DUI defense, and an attorney can provide a plan of action.

If you are charged with a DUI, contact an experienced DUI Attorney Santa Rosa County to ensure you retain your rights and have an advocate on your side. A lawyer knows that taking care of your family is very important and will work to make sure you are still there to protect them.

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