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What Is Premises Liability Law?

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Lawyers

There is an existing set of laws that hold the owner of a house or business responsible for injuries that might happen to people who visit the premises; these are known as “premises liability” law. The most common injuries that fall under these laws are caused by slips and falls and even if they are accidental the owners or lessees can still be held liable for any injuries that result from the accident. In the event a person is injured and wishes to sue for compensation he or she will hire civil litigation lawyers in Chicago to represent them in court.

The level of liability depends on two things; the visitor and whether the injury was the result of negligence and could have been prevented. The injury can happen anywhere on the premises, inside the building, the area surrounding the premises as well as the public walkways in front of the property.

The possessor in premises liability law is the person who owns the place, this may be the homeowner who owns his or her own residence or anyone who owns or operates a business that is open to the public, examples might be restaurants or shops. Under the law there are three types of visitors, those that are invited, licensees and trespassers. Invitees are those people that visit the premises with every intention of consummating business of some sort such as customers in a supermarket. Licensees are defined as people who go into the premises for reasons other than to conduct business but enter at the invitation of the possessor; an example would be a person who you invite into your home. Trespassers are people who have not been invited and do not have permission to enter the premises.

Civil litigation lawyers in Chicago are intimate with the laws that pertain to premises liability and they know that the burden of liability depends on which of the three types of visitors was injured. The owners of a business have the strictest burden under the law; they are responsible for keeping their premises safe for their customers and are held liable in the event a visitor is injured. This level of liability not only covers an accident should the owner know there is a hazard and he failed to notify the public but also if they should have known there was a potential hazard.

Although business owners carry the burden of liability homeowners also must remain vigilant and protect themselves from any liability in the event an accident that results in an injury should happen in or around their home. If an invited visitor to the home should trip on a broken step or fall on an icy walk, the owner of the home can be held liable if they know of the problem. Trespassers have little legal recourse under premises liability law.

If you are injured and the injury is due to negligence you can engage civil litigation lawyers in Chicago to sue the negligent individual or entity. You are invited to Civil Litigation Lawyers Chicago to discuss your situation.

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