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What Does A Social Security Lawyer Do?

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Attorney

Social Security is a Federal Government program that provides income for retirees as well as those who have yet to reach retirement age but suffer from a physical or mental disability. A Social Security lawyer in Chicago is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the mass of laws, rules and regulations that govern the claims process. A Social Security lawyer can be of considerable assistance for those who are preparing their initial application for benefits but are usually hired by the applicant when the benefit package has been denied.

It is not good enough to simply say you are disabled, you must be in a position to prove this beyond doubt; you must be able to prove that your disability is such that you cannot work. Upon receipt of an application for disability benefits the SSA, Social Security Administration subjects the application to a detailed analysis and considerable scrutiny. The analysis includes all current medical records as well as work history. The objective is to determine if the applicant can do any work and if so, what is it. Social Security lawyers know exactly what the administration is looking for in the way of documentation and substantiating evidence proving the disability. The lawyers can advise and guide the applicant on the best approach in order to see the claim allowed.

Of course lawyers can provide exceptional guidance when first making a claim but their true role comes in assisting those applicants who were denied benefits. A Social Security lawyer in Chicago will ask that the application be reconsidered; in the event this fails the lawyer will file a motion for the application to be reviewed in the presence of an administrative law judge. The hearing is the first time that the applicant will actually have an opportunity to be in the presence of administrative personnel. During the hearing the applicant and the lawyer can question the original decision to deny and at the same time provide tangible proof that there is a real disability and that the applicant is precluded from working. If the lawyer feels it is justifiable he can bring in medical and occupational experts to testify that the condition is such that the disabled applicant cannot do even the most basic work related task. In the majority of cases the original decision to deny the application is overturned at this point and the applicant is granted benefits.

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and have been denied then you are well advised at this stage to hire a Social Security lawyer in Chicago. Go to the Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown website for information.

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