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What Can A Trucking Accident Lawyer In Bowie Do For You?

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Law

If you are the victim of an automotive accident, a trucking accident lawyer in Bowie may be able to help you. Before calling your insurance company and getting a start on your claim, you may want to consider calling an attorney first. Insurance companies hire a staff of claims adjusters, investigators and attorneys of their own to protect them from paying out money to accident victims. Even though you pay monthly premiums, the insurance company cannot and does not represent you when you have been in an accident. Their objective is to remain cash-heavy for their investors and in order to do this they try to hold on to as much money as possible. In many situations this means insurance companies will underpay on claims.

If you call your insurance company first, they may try to get a statement that they can record and use against you. One of the main goals of a claims adjuster is to obtain a statement that could be detrimental to you. If you talk about your claim in the way they may persuade you to, it might allow the insurance company to record your statement and use it to determine the amount of money they will pay out to you. If you later confront and oppose them in the amount you were given, they can use the recording to make it nearly impossible to get more money. Talking about your need to file a claim with a trucking accident lawyer in Bowie first may help you obtain the maximum benefit allowed under your insurance policy.

Individuals who hire a trucking accident lawyer in Bowie to represent them in a serious claim may end up with a larger settlement, even after attorney’s fees, than those who did not employ an attorney.

Your insurance company may try to settle your claim at the lowest amount possible. They are trained to get information from you that might reduce the amount of claim money you could receive. A trucking accident lawyer in Bowie, however, understands personal injury law and can use it in your case to help you obtain more than what the insurance company may have been willing to pay you. Occasionally it may be alright to settle on the amount the insurance is willing to give you, but an attorney can help you to determine if it would be worth it to fight for more.

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