What Can a Criminal Attorney Do for You?

by | Mar 15, 2014 | Lawyers

Do you live in the Bel Air, MD area? Have you or a loved one recently been accused of or charged with a crime? If so, you will certainly need to contact an attorney. Some people think that they can handle a criminal case on their own, but that is simply not true. By criminal attorney in Bel Air, MD you will in a much better position to fight your case and the outcome will, in most cases, be much better than it would ever be without one. Here are some things that a criminal attorney in Bel Air, MD will be able to do for you:

They Will Help You Understand the Charges and System

Criminal law is very confusing for most people and there are both federal and state regulations to follow. Most people who have had little to no experience with the law will not have a good, solid understanding of the criminal justice system and you certainly cannot claim ignorance of the law as any type of defense. Though you may have the choice to defend yourself, this can be a grave mistake. An attorney has the experience, training and knowledge that you need to understand the charges before you, as well as the legal system.

Services an Attorney will Offer

Criminal attorneys will be able to help their clients throughout every step of the criminal justice process, including throughout the pre-trial. It is ideal, of course, that you make arrangements to hire an attorney before any charges are filed as even these initial stages can be extremely important to any potential case.

Other things that a criminal attorney may be able to do for you include working with the courts to have charges dropped, working with the prosecution to have charges reduced, bargaining with the prosecution for a lesser sentence and much more. They will also be able to do highly skilled research for your case, they will typically be able to explain things to you in a way you understand and can even work on things like getting bail for you if you have been arrested.

As you can see, when you are facing a crime, it can be imperative that you have a skilled attorney on your side. Hire one today and get the process started.

If you need the services of a Criminal Attorney in Bel Air, MD, contact the Law Offices of Maria K. Caruso.


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