What a Good DUI Defense Lawyer in Atlanta Should be Able to Do

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Law

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. Offences in this bracket include drunk driving, underage driving, going against any traffic rules and license issues. It is therefore a serious offence that could lead to you getting your license suspended for a while.

Other repercussions of being convicted for a DUI are your car insurance premiums getting hiked for a very long period of time, a mandatory sentence, your car getting possessed by the state and you could be asked to pay very high fines.

It is never too late to get a DUI defense lawyer since you could always do with a little help. Take time to find a good one and prepare yourself for the journey ahead that will lead you to freedom.

Things the DUI defense lawyer should know

The DUI defense lawyer from Atlanta should be able to get you out of that fix. A good DUI defense lawyer should have some knowledge of health issues with regard to the tests carried out. Some conditions would interfere with some of the tests that are done and could provide a way out for you.

A defense lawyer should be aggressive and focused without getting carried away. This will increase the chances of winning the case. Proper knowledge of the traffic Statutes in Atlanta is very essential since these are the reference point.

Having a lot of recent experience with DUI cases is very essential since laws keep changing and being updated. Be sure to ask how much of their workload is covered by DUI cases. Hands-on experience is very essential for DUI cases.

Benefits of getting a DUI defense lawyer

Good representation from a DUI defense lawyer from Atlanta will get you a few things. First of all, there will be no jail time. This goes hand in hand with having your record remaining clean. A criminal record of any magnitude always comes back to haunt you so keeping it away is best.

You will also save a lot of money if you employ the services of a DUI defense lawyer. It may seem like a lot of time spent finding a lawyer and then in court but a good lawyer is worth all the time you spend especially if they get you off the hook.

Agree with the lawyer on the terms of your contract from the start so that there are no disagreements during the crucial court sessions.


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