Two Situations in Which an Employee Should Not Think Twice About Securing a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Vermont

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Law

When an employee is injured at work and is no longer able to perform their job, they’re supposed to be able to take advantage of the employer’s workers’ compensation policy in order to help them meet financial needs. However, things don’t always go as expected in the claims process. If an employee is facing challenges with getting approved for workers’ compensation benefits to which they are entitled, here are two situations in which they should immediately pick up the phone and call a qualified attorney:

When an Employee Receives a Denial Letter

While workers’ compensation policies are supposed to protect workers, there is still a chance that any claim that is made for benefits could end up being disputed by the employer or denied by the insurer. When this happens, employees will need to look into hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Vermont who can assist with the appeals process. An appeal may involve standing before an administrator or judge and presenting medical evidence that shows why the denial was a mistake on the part of the insurer. Not only will an attorney know what the judge or administrator will be looking for in terms of evidence, but they’ll also help ensure that an employee doesn’t miss any deadlines or make any paperwork errors.

When an Employer Is Behaving Unfairly

Whether employees realize it or not, many employers and insurance companies are not working on their behalf. Instead, they are looking out for their own interests and trying to keep as much money as possible. In order to accomplish that task, they may resort to doing less-than-honest things. For example, employers routinely require employees to see the medical professional of their choice, but some employers send workers to a doctor who they know will intentionally misdiagnose the patient so that they will return to work before they’re ready (which disqualifies them for benefits). Not only will a workers’ compensation attorney in Vermont help an employee recognize these tactics, but they’ll also do what’s necessary to help them fight against it. Visit the website to learn more.

When an employee wants to win their workers’ compensation case, it’s vital that they seek out the legal help they need to do so. With the knowledge and experience level of the attorneys at McVeigh Skiff LLP, employees will be able to give themselves a greater chance of fighting back against mistreatment and finding success in getting the money they need.

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