Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Video Conferencing

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Law

Video conferencing is the practice of running a communication system that includes both audio and visual elements running simultaneously. This allows for various individuals located in different parts of the world and country to be able to see and hear each other just as if they were in a conference room. Some of the major benefits of Video conferencing DC residents will reap when using this form of communication system are listed below.

Reduction in Travelling Costs
Today’s economy requires everyone to keep an eye on their expenses no matter how small, to ensure that, where necessary, one is saving a penny. Travel is one such cost that could easily end up running into thousands of dollars per year. With Video Streaming available in your firm, you do not have to worry about the costs of having everyone from different locations travelling to a single destination for a meet that will take a few hours.

Increase in Productivity Among the Different Teams
When you have a work force that is dispersed over several locations, it is vital to ensure that all instructions are relayed to everyone in an accurate and timely manner. This can be done using Instant Messaging (IM), phone, e-mails and various workflow computer applications. 80% of effective communication involves non-verbal visual cues, and this is what a video conferencing solution allows you to communicate to your team far and wide.

Improves the Hiring and Retention of Your Top Talent
The process of hiring can be a rather costly and lengthy affair if you have several office locations. This process can be made easier by having the candidate go to the nearest facility and have the interview conducted via video. Video communication also has a positive impact on employee retention since it allows the employees in remote locations to be close to other work colleagues in various office locations.

Offers Business a Competitive Advantage
Video conferencing communication allows the various teams in your organization to communicate, share knowledge and exchange ideas resulting in faster resolution of problems as well as provide a means to make better informed decisions. This further reduces the time it takes to launch new products and services in the market.

The “Green” Advantage
The use of video conferencing has a huge impact helping in the dramatic reduction of energy used especially during travel.

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