Top Reasons to Hire a Lawyer When Involved in a Car Accident in Terre Haute IN

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Car accident attorneys are experienced legal professionals that help people to recover damages or to protect their interests after a car accident. Car accidents and the processes of claiming compensation or defending yourself against liability lawsuit can sometimes get grueling. Here are top reasons to contact a car accident lawyer is you have been involved in a Car Accident in Terre Haute IN.

If you need to recover damages: If you are injured due to negligence of another driver, you are entitled to recover damages. Although claims may be settled out of court, most of the times, injured persons may need to hire a lawyer to recover their monetary damages, especially if the insurance company is adamant to pay.

To avoid a potential suit by the other party: accident cases can go either way, meaning that the other driver may also sue you if he or she believes you were at fault. Therefore, you may end up paying huge bills and compensation if you do not fight the case in court. An accident attorney will be an important person to protect your rights and property.

To comply with the statute of limitations: The state has clear rules setting up the statute of limitation for any claims or lawsuits. Therefore, a lawyer knows all the rules of procedures and can ensure that all the paperwork is filed within this period to avoid voiding your claim.

If the insurance company does not play by the rules: Sometimes the insurance company may choose to bend the rules using flimsy arguments with an aim of minimizing your compensation. Usually, your insurance company is expected to protect your rights if you are the defendant in an accident suit. However, your insurance company may choose not to defend if it believes you violated the terms of the policy.

If the extent of damage is complex to determine: Most of the times, it is easy to determine the amount of injuries sustained in accident. What may appear to be a minor injury may become more serious. Examples may include whiplash and damages to soft tissues that may be difficult to tell immediately after the accident. Therefore, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant in an accident case, it is always important to retain a lawyer to protect your rights. Visit for more information about car accidents and things you may expect after a Car Accident in Terre Haute IN.


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