Tips to Help You Win Your Case from Child Custody Attorneys in Kingsport TN

by | Dec 14, 2012 | Law

Winning a child custody battle isn’t about getting a victory for yourself. It’s about getting a victory for your child. If you truly believe that the child would be better off with you instead of the other parent, you should fight as hard as you can to win that battle. Here are some tips from qualified child custody attorneys in Kingsport TN to give you a better chance at winning your case.

Visit Your Child
In the case where your ex-spouse already has custody until the issue is resolved by the courts, you need to exercise your right to visit your child. If you have already been awarded visitation rights, take advantage of them and use every minute that you can. Use the time to build a relationship with your child. When it’s time to decide custody, you will be able to tell the court that you visited and spent as much time with your child as you were legally allowed to.

Know Your State’s Laws
If you are going to go through a custody battle in Tennessee, you should consult with child custody attorneys in Kingsport TN to familiarize yourself with the laws in your state. Some states require you to go through interviews with a court-appointed individual who will make judgments about your parenting skills, your intentions with your child and your commitment. Instead of trying to fight the process, learn how to work within it to achieve your goal.

Learn about Your Spouse
If you are fighting for custody for your child, is there a reason why you think the other parent would be unfit? Do they have a drug problem? Do they associate with unsavory characters? When building your case for having custody of your child, you should also build a case against why your spouse should not have custody. Just remember to be honest and don’t make things up. In doing so you are damaging your ex-spouses reputation and risk the possibility of losing all credibility with the courts – and you may not get any custody at all.

Hire a Lawyer
You simply shouldn’t try to handle something as important as a child custody case by yourself. You should have an experienced family law attorney working on your side. They know the system and the process so they can handle your case for you in an effective and professional manner. They can also negotiate with the opposing lawyer for a fair custody agreement that everybody can agree on before the case even goes to court.

Are you preparing for a child custody battle with your spouse? If so, the professional law team at the Law Offices of Andrew E. Farmer can help. We’ve helped hundreds of couples reach an amicable agreement regarding the custody of their children and we can do the same for you.


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