Tips On Finding A Good Disability Claim Lawyer

When applying for disability benefits you can either hire a disability claim lawyer in Philadelphia or process the application independently. The chances of getting approved are higher when you work with a lawyer than doing the work yourself, this is particularly true if you made the initial application only to have it denied, now you are faced with the complexities of the appeals process. If you decide that having a lawyer is a wise move there are a few things to bear in mind.

Professional and courteous:

Law offices that deal with Social Security disability claims are usually busy places but that is no excuse for not being treated with courtesy by the lawyer and the staff. The fact that they are busy should not have any adverse effect on your being able to ask questions about your case and receiving timely call backs with answers.

Access to the lawyer:

Don’t be put-off if you do not get access to your lawyer every time you call and don’t be surprised when your call is put to another lawyer. You can actually take this as a measure of the popularity of the firm. The lawyers in a busy firm will often be involved with hearings with the SSA and will rely heavily on staff that is equally well versed in the law to answer questions on their behalf.

Promises of results:

It is unethical on the part of any lawyer to guarantee that you will see a successful outcome if you hire him. Not only is it unethical, it is unfair to the client who will perhaps be harboring impossible expectations. The best you can expect from a good disability claim lawyer in Philadelphia is an honest assessment of the outcome of your claim based on the available facts.

Although a good lawyer will not even suggest that he or she can get your application approved, it stands to reason that if the lawyer is good, he or she will have a good track record of getting benefits approved for their clients. Do not hesitate to ask the lawyer you are interviewing what their overall rate of approval is and what the approval rate is if the case goes to appeal?

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