Thomas D. Kenny: Representing You when You are Charged with a Crime

by | Jun 17, 2015 | Lawyers

There is nothing to be lighthearted about if you have been charged with a crime. This is especially true if you’ve been charged with a serious crime, and something that you shouldn’t fail to do quickly. after you’ve been arrested, is to hire proper legal representation. These are the times in your life where you will need to defer to a legal expert such as an attorney and if you’re facing either a minor or a serious criminal charge, you may want to consider contacting Thomas D. Kenny.

Apart from your immediate need for representation, there are many benefits to having a Criminal Lawyer defending you. In many cases, the criminal attorney can help bring the circumstances of a criminal charge to the judge or to a jury in order to prove your innocence. It’s unfortunate that often times the criminal system will charge people with crimes they never committed. Having a criminal attorney on your side will allow you to expose the facts of the case and inevitably, prove your innocence.

In certain situations, a criminal lawyer can help to reduce the charges and reduce the punishment that a particular person may be facing due to a criminal charge. It may be that the person the attorney is representing is guilty of the crime. In those cases, the main focus of the attorney is to help reduce the financial penalties as well as the punitive penalties that the court may determine is proper punishment for the crime. Whether it’s reducing jail time or perhaps paring down the consequences to probation, if you have been charged with a crime, these are areas where a criminal attorney can come in quite handy.

Whether it’s proving your innocence or simply reducing punishment of being convicted of a crime, in these times in your life you can ill afford to go without legal representation. You’ll also want an attorney that understands the criminal law process and can best help you prove your innocence or reduce the punishment that the courts will hand down if you’re actually convicted of the crime for which you’ve been charged.

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