The Child Custody Lawyer in Smithsburg, MD Can be an Effective Influence on the Outcome of Custody Battles

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Lawyers

Divorces are disruptive to the lives of children regardless of their age. Age only makes a difference in the magnitude and type of problems the child or the children exhibit, or that take over a child’s behavior. Children do not like to see their parents split up and watch each parent go in another direction with their life while they wonder where their life is going. This alone is enough to cause serious problems in most children and certainly in adolescents.

The most damaging acts against children arising from a divorce are child custody battles. These battles seem to be weapons against the other spouse and the children become the ammunition. Divorce courts see the bitter battles fought in the arena that is meant to settle disputes between civilized people. Unfortunately, not every divorce leaves civilized people in its wake. The Child Custody Lawyer in Smithsburg, MD can be a tremendous influence in the custody discussions.

Certainly, some divorces are caused by a spouse committing physical acts of violence against their spouse, and the most hideous acts are the acts of physical cruelty committed against children. In these cases, a child custody issue should definitely favor the children and that would result in awarding care to the non-violent parent. The Child Custody Lawyer in Smithsburg, MD can influence this decision. Most often, the non-custodial parent will wage a war just to inflict emotional trauma on the spouse. Children are always aware of these battles, and sometimes they are not. Regardless, the children are harmed by the battle, and certainly by the need for it.

The Child Custody Lawyer in Smithsburg MD can be a very powerful advocate on behalf of the children which means that the lawyer will work for the best interest of the children regardless of which spouse they represent. This can pose a difficult challenge for the attorney if their client wants custody but absolutely should not have custody. Sometimes this can be determined by the attorney in the initial interview and the stipulation can be made that the attorney will not work to gain custody for this client.

It is not often that it is obvious early that a parent should not have custody. Hopefully, the Child Custody Lawyer in Smithsburg, MD will be able to act as an unofficial mediator in the child custody dispute when it does become obvious.


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