The Benefits of Loan Modification From Laura Margulies & Associates LLC

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Lawyer

If you have a great deal of debt that is causing you a great deal of grief and distress, then it may be time to consider getting a loan modification. While not the same as traditional bankruptcy, loan modification can help ensure that your debt is affordable and not accruing interest at an alarming rate during repayment. Don’t let debt swallow you whole when Loan Modification Laura Margulies & Associates LLC can ensure that you have the money you need to live while still salvaging your credit score. Still not convinced that loan modification is right for you? Here are three reasons why it makes sense to have your loans modified.

1. Lower Interest Rate One of the hardest things to cope with when paying of debt is a high interest rate. This can cause your debt to increase exponentially and make paying off the original principal balance more complicated and arduous than you imagined. When you enter into a loan modification agreement, you can rest assured that you are paying a fair interest rate that will help reduce your total balance quickly. Don’t let interest swallow your hard earned money for another day.

2. Quick Repayment Schedule One of the other benefits is the speed at which you can repay your debt. While a traditional repayment system can take longer than 5 years, you can rest assured that you will pay your debt off in as little as two years when you choose a loan modification. Don’t let your debt linger for years. Make sure you pay it off quickly so you can save your hard earned money.

3. Court Ordered When you enter into a loan modification agreement, you can rest assured that the finance company will not be able to change the agreed upon terms. A modification of a loan is a court ordered document that requires both parties agree to the repayment terms proposed, without the ability to contest them at a future date. Don’t wait another day.

Get the relief you need from your debt today by contacting Loan Modification Laura Margulies & Associates LLC. They can help you get out from under your debt so you can start living.


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