The Basics of Worker Compensation Law in Georgia

by | Jun 5, 2014 | Attorney

Worker compensation is an amount given to an employee who has suffered physical, mental or health damage in the course of duty. As sweet as it sounds to be compensated one has to know that it is a process. Before you start it then it is important that you know the whole process.

Injury in the course of work results to a weekly pay due to the same. No sooner than the compensation issued is closed than the benefits paid weekly stop.

There are many parties when it comes to the worker compensation law in Georgia. There is you, your lawyer, the insurance company and of course the courts.  The agency that deals in compensation for workers in Georgia also requires to know the settlement that you and the insurance company have proposed.

It is this agency that approves the settlement. This they do by conducting a hearing whereby the settlement proposed is reviewed together with you. They ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the settlement and that you agree to them voluntarily. If everything is to your advantage then you have an approved settlement.

Things are known to get complicated when the employee being dealt with is suffering from a disability. This means that you should have a lawyer who is well acquainted with the worker compensation law in the state of Georgia to back you up.

Employees who are disabled permanently still receive their weekly pay for years. This means that the value of the settlement cannot be determined without considering the current value of what you are entitled to get in the future.

The worker compensation law in Georgia supports the employee but another aspect that is closely linked to it is your medical report. For instance the doctor hired by the insurance company might say that you are ready to go back to work.

Such a report may come in when you are having a hearing soon which could make all the payments cease.

A smart lawyer will ensure that before everything is closed you get a good amount that will keep you going. One misconception that most employees have is that their suffering and pain is part of the calculation. Actually settlement amounts are based on two things and they are;

  • The benefits you are entitled to in the future
  • The possibilities of getting the payments


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