Social Security for People living with disabilities

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Lawyers

The onset of disability has no notice since it is purely coincidental. Due to this it is practically impossible to plan for a life in which you are disabled. Disability may be long-term/permanent or temporary but whichever it is you won’t be able to work and earning a living can prove difficult. When you find yourself in this situation, Social Security may be your only means of survival.

The Social Security program is not only meant for retirees, it also covers people living with disabilities. However not all disability cases qualify for social security payments. Generally, your disability has to be severe enough to make you unable to work for a period exceeding one year in order to qualify for these payments.

So what qualifies you for long term disability benefits?

Besides your disability making it so you are unable to work for a year or more you will also have to fulfill the following conditions.

You have to have been doing a job which was contributing to the Social Security program. If you have not been paying your monthly social security contributions then you are automatically disqualified from these benefits.

The extent of your injuries should meet the Social Security’s definition of disability. In their disability listings they clearly define the different types of disabilities which can qualify for long term disability benefits.

Aside from being medically disabled, you also have to meet other non- medical requirements. The most important ones would include proof that you are not be able to sustain yourself financially and also show the disability has taken away your ability to work.

What determines if I get disability benefits or not

Even if you meet all the disability requirements several other factors determine if you get the benefits or not. They include.

     *      Your age

An old person has a better chance of winning a disability claim than a young person. Old age in itself is considered an additional disability.

     *      How serious your disability is

Because of the high number of people claiming social security disability benefits, priority is given according to severity of your case. The more severe your disability is, the more likely you will be awarded benefits.

     *      Whether you have a lawyer or not

A lawyer is the game changer in your disability claim; this is due to his extensive knowledge of the laws pertaining to disabilities and your individual case. A disability lawyer is also experienced in knowing how to talk to the judge in a way that would be favorable to a winning outcome.

In order to stand a better chance of being awarded disability benefits it is crucial you hire a good lawyer. For more information and assistance in claiming your disability benefits you can visit You can also visit their Facebook page for more updates.



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