Slip and Fall Lawyers in Philadelphia First Investigate on Your Behalf

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Lawyer

Under Pennsylvania law a slip and fall injury case is considered to be a personal injury type of law suit. Though many slip and fall victims go about seeing a health care professional and taking upon themselves the many costs that can be associated with a relenting injury. Medical costs for such an injury can quickly mount when one takes into consideration if any time must be taken away from work, or if one is unable then to work the same job. What’s more is if any type of rehabilitative care is later needed to make a full recovery than those subsequent costs just add to the losses incurred because of the injury. Slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia would be able to enlighten these harmed victims as to their rights under the law to recoup costs incurred as well as damages due them as a result of the injury.

When a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia first begins a case he does so with the understanding that a full investigation of the accident or occurrence must take place. Most slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia begin by interviewing the injured party. From this point they extract the victims version of the events that occurred that resulted in their injury. In most cases it is the property owner that suit will be filed against, though an investigator is hired by the law firm to ascertain the facts as they happened.

Investigations will turn up key evidence as to whether or not the property owner or managers were at all negligent or practiced any form of negligence that resulted in the circumstances that the accident happened under. This is necessary for the slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia to be prepared should the case progress to the trial stages. In fact most slip and fall cases are settled outside of court once a thorough investigation has taken place. By the investigation providing the findings to both parties there is usually an effort made by the responsible party to see if a financial agreement can be reached without incurring more fees that a trial would deem necessary.

One thing is for certain that if you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a slip and fall accident, they are due compensation and medical reimbursement costs. In this event do not delay in reaching out to a competent slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia that has a proven track record of successfully prosecuting just these types of personal injury law cases. If you have suffered an injury in a slip and fall case you have legal rights that should be defended. Don’t trust your case to just any personal injury firm instead work with one that will work as hard for your settlement as they have for hundreds of cases just like yours.

At Swartz Culleton our slip and fall lawyers will meet with you and cover the full expectations of what will transpire and result in your getting paid for your suffering and expenses.

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