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Should a Victim Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart FL if They’re Partially Responsible for an Auto Accident?

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Lawyer

Auto accidents are confusing experiences that vary widely in terms of the injuries they cause. While some people suffer life-altering injuries, others get away with only a few bumps and bruises. Most believe they’re entitled to compensation after an auto accident, not just for their medical bills, but for the anguish they’re going through. However, this belief presents problems for those who cause their own accidents. Here, potential clients will learn whether a Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart FL can help them gain compensation when they’re partially or completely responsible for an accident.

Pain and Suffering: What Is It?

Everyone knows what suffering and pain feel like. As far as Florida’s legal system is concerned, the phrase ‘pain and suffering’ has a very specific meaning. In auto accidents and other personal injury cases, pain and suffering is a kind of damages for which a victim might be compensated. In legal terms, it is the emotional, mental, and physical distress a person suffers after an accident. Damages may be temporary or permanent, and they might not appear for a while after an accident. Victims are entitled to pain and suffering damages when someone else is to blame, but do they have the same entitlement when they’re at fault?

• If a person is responsible for their own accident, their insurer will reimburse them for their lost wages and medical bills up to the policy limit. However, no pain and suffering damages are given.

• In situations where both parties share fault, recovery isn’t as clear-cut. Florida is a comparative fault state, where a victim’s recovery is diminished according to their share of fault.

These explanations are purely general, and rules vary by jurisdiction. Before filing a claim, a victim should read up on Florida’s auto accident, negligence, and personal injury laws.

Seek Legal Advice Today

Being in an auto accident is quite frightening, and when a victim shares responsibility for the event, they may feel as if they have nowhere to turn. A Personal Injury Attorney in Stuart FL will explain how Florida’s comparative fault laws may affect a client’s recovery and they will work within those laws to achieve the fairest possible outcome. Visit the website for more details or call Slinkman Slinkman & Wynne P.A. to schedule a consultation.

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