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Reviewing Workers Compensation Law

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Attorney

In Lockport, worker’s compensation is an insurance policy that gives employers the funds to pay for an injured worker’s medical treatment. The policy also gives workers monetary benefits to replace their wages if they cannot return to work immediately. A local attorney explains the worker’s rights under Workers Compensation Law in Lockport after an accident.

The Role of the Employer

All employers are required to purchase worker’s compensation insurance at any time that they have more than one worker. It doesn’t matter if their workers are related to them or not. The federal laws require the coverage to provide compensation to workers when they are injured on the job.

Filing the Claim Correctly

The original claim is filed within thirty days of the accident. The medical report is sent to the insurer before ten days have passed. Once all documents are submitted, the insurer assigns a claim’s adjuster to the case. It is the claim’s adjuster that determines if the worker’s injuries meet the eligibility requirements for the benefits.

Avoiding Common Issues

Common issues that lead to a denial of the benefits are company policies that change frequently. Safety policies are issued by the employer to lower the frequency of accidents. However, the employer must inform their workers each time that the policies change. If the policies aren’t available to the worker, the employer could change the terms and deny worker’s compensation benefits unethically.

Should the Worker File a Lawsuit?

The worker should file a lawsuit if they have a viable claim only. The attorney reviews the entire claim and determines if the worker has a claim against their employer or the insurer. If so, the attorney helps the worker strengthen the claim and presents it to the court.

In Lockport, worker’s compensation provides coverage for all medical treatments deemed necessary for injured workers. The injured party receives wage replacement benefits that equate to up to eighty percent of their wages. The insurance policies lower common liabilities for employers due to on-the-job accidents. A local attorney helps workers start a legal claim when they are denied the benefits. Workers who need help under Workers Compensation Law in Lockport can contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C for more info now.

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