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Reviewing Important Details with a Construction Injury Attorney in Boston, MA

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Attorney

In Massachusetts, construction accidents occur due to OSHA violations and unauthorized access to the work zone. Construction companies are required by federal laws to comply with safety regulations for mitigating worker and pedestrian-related accidents. A construction injury attorney in Boston, MA represents victims who were injured in construction zones.

Did Workers Have Adequate Safety Gear?

Construction companies must provide workers with adequate safety gear before allowing the workers to start the project. Hard hats are needed to protect the workers from falling debris. Harnesses and scaffolding are necessary if the workers are completing tasks at high altitudes. Safety glasses or goggles are worn when cutting tools are used. If safety gear wasn’t provided, the construction company is liable for any worker-related injuries or fatalities.

Were There Barricades Around the Construction Zone?

Barricades are positioned all the way around the perimeter of the worksite to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering the site. Foremen are responsible for blocking off access and posting signs to warn the public of hazards. If a pedestrian enters the site and becomes injured, the construction company is at fault if signs and barricades weren’t present.

Was Proper Waste Manage Used at the Work Site?

Waste management is vital to the construction zone and lowers the risk of slip and fall injuries. Debris is collected inside large-scale dumpsters and removed from walkways and around the work area. Construction companies rent the dumpsters throughout the project, and service providers offer pick and return services for dumpster rentals. Construction companies that fail to acquire waste management services are liable for slip and fall accidents that happen in the worksite.

Was All Equipment Evaluated for Risks?

Unsafe equipment and tools contribute to a rise in construction accidents. Construction companies are required to test their equipment and tools frequently to reduce worker-related injuries.

In Massachusetts, construction accidents are caused by a multitude of variables. However, a majority of the reasons are connected to OSHA violations and regulatory failures. Construction companies are required to warn the public about potential risks. Victims of construction accidents can contact a construction injury attorney in Boston, MA through The Law Offices of Burton J. Hass right now.

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