Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Lawyers

After an injury, your lawyer is your advocate, your advisor, and your guide throughout the maze of litigating your claim. This makes it extremely important to trust and respect your attorney’s decisions. Here are a few questions to ask your Naperville personal injury lawyer before your litigation journey begins.

* What type of personal injury claims have you handled in the past?
Just as all personal injuries differ, so too do all personal injury lawsuits; that is what makes them personal. Knowing whether your attorney is experienced in medical malpractice, auto accidents, or trucking accidents will allow you to be more comfortable with their knowledge of how to handle your case.

* What is my case worth?
Although no lawyer possesses an ability to predict the future, it is certainly fair for you to request an estimate. Experienced attorneys can provide you with an expected range of compensation.

* What is the process of this lawsuit?
This question will help you avoid unnecessary stress. Lawsuits can be very trying on clients because of their unfamiliarity with the process. Questions such as this will give you an idea of the game plan.

* What is my role and responsibility in this lawsuit?
A personal injury lawsuit is a team effort. Often you can help your attorney, for example, by keeping a journal of your symptoms or changes in lifestyle. This will save you time and energy later if you understand your role from the beginning.

* How do I know if I have a viable personal injury claim?
Each claim requires a careful and skilled exercise of judgment by an experienced attorney. The easiest and most effective way to determine the strength of your case is to contact a Naperville personal injury lawyer today.

If you have questions about bringing a personal injury claim, contact the law firm of Woodruff Johnson & Palermo to schedule a consultation and to learn about your options for recovering. compensation.

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