One of the saddest facts about divorce

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Lawyer

People meet, people fall in love and marry, have children and then something goes wrong. In many cases love simply dies, in other cases there is a third party involved and in still other cases there is violence. These are but three of the many reasons why people seek relief in the divorce court.

The court really is not interested in your material possessions, the judge doesn’t care who gets the dining room set or even the car, but you bet the judge cares about any children that were born while the marriage was still strong and healthy, child custody in Idaho is a hotly debated issue with most couples and if they can’t come to grips with it and determine between them how the children will be brought up in a broken environment, then unfortunately, the judge will have to do it for the couple.

Unless the mother lets it be known that she does not want custody of the children, in almost every case she will be granted custody. Once this has happened; the next big issue to face is the child support in Boise Idaho that will be mandated. Child support is not to be confused with alimony, as a matter of fact, alimony is rarely granted anymore. Child support is the amount of money that will be required to keep a child in a similar set of circumstances had the marriage survived; this includes provision for the child’s education, health, recreation and a host of other minor issues.

In many cases health insurance that is carried by the father, the person having to provide support, can carry on, however, the mother will probably be dropped from the roll. As long as the father keeps working, health insurance should stay in effect. The big expense is usually education. Most of the times the judge will decree that the child must be educated up through an undergrad degree, this of course can prove to be very expensive over time but there is little that can be done unless the circumstances of the father change dramatically and he petitions the court for relief.

If the couple has had a reasonably uncomplicated divorce and they are generally pleasant to one another, joint custody is often granted by the courts. This solution allows the child to split his time between the parents; it’s not necessarily 50 percent but it could be the two months in summer, and the longer school breaks such as Christmas and Easter. As the mother is relieved of all the expenses of keeping the child over this time, the child support is usually changed to realize this, as a matter of fact, in many cases the mother will pay child support during the times when the child is under the care and custody of the father.

The sad part of all this is not necessarily the money, it is the stress that the kids are placed under. In many cases the children convince themselves that somehow or another they were responsible for their parents breaking up. A wise couple will realize this and by maintaining contact and showing the child that love is still there in abundance, everybody comes through the divorce in one piece emotionally.

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