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by | Jun 18, 2018 | Lawyers

There are many ways that a person can sustain a personal injury. It can be from an unfortunate automobile accident or something as simple as slipping and falling on a wet patch in the supermarket. These are but two common examples of “personal injury.” The extent of your injuries and the personal injury attorneys you engage can have a significant impact on the compensation you are eventually awarded.

If your injuries are such that you require hospitalization in DuPage County, be the cause of lost income, or require extensive rehabilitation, you should discuss your situation with knowledgeable personal injury attorneys in Dupage County. If you attempt to settle the claim without legal assistance, you may soon realize how limited your appreciation of the law is. Even simple cases can quickly become complex.

Seasoned personal injury attorneys can help.

The Value of Your Claim

Without requisite experience, you will not be able to put a value on the amount of compensation you can get. Some variables must be taken into account when valuing a claim. How severe were your injuries? How much income was lost as result of the accident? How can you assess a value for pain and suffering? Trying to determine these amounts without the assistance of an experienced attorney will be difficult. You can easily leave thousands of dollars behind that are justifiably yours.

Improve the Odds of Winning Your Case

Insurance companies are loath to settle claims if they can avoid it. If an insurance company thinks they can get away with refusing a settlement or making a ludicrously low offer, they will. Insurance companies have attorneys, lots of them. If you are to do battle with them, you too need excellent legal representation.


Personal injury attorneys are motivated to winning their clients cases because they work n a contingency fee basis. If they do not win the case for their client in DuPage County, they forfeit their legal fee, which is based on a percentage of the award.

If you need help from personal injury attorneys, contact The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman LLC in DuPage County.

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